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Google’s new laptop rumour

A post on the rumours of Google’s new laptop with Android’s operating system.

Android may launch a new laptop in 2013

Google’s Chromebook has failed to reach high volumes of buyers so Google hopes to break into the laptop market by creating a laptop that runs on Androids’ operating system (Reed 2013: online).

What is the difference between Google and Android?

Android, originally registered as Android Inc, was purchased by Google in 2005 powering a range of devices including graphic tablets and smartphones, for example. The Apache license allows Google to release the code in an open source manner (Debian no date: online). Google, on the other hand, is an internet search company that makes a profit from AdWords. Google, unlike Android, have a range of web-based products, such as, GMail, Google Docs and Google Maps, for instance.

Androidbook: The new Android laptop

Rumours have it that the new Google laptop, also rumoured to be called Androidbook, will run Android’s highly successful operating system (Bedigian 2013: online).

This news / rumour is also important to investors who wish to buy Google shares, or for those technology readers / bloggers who wish to keep up-to-date with the latest Google developments.


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An easy way to get backlinks: White-hat

This post, and this blog, only emphasises white-hat related content.

Newsjacking breaking news and developments

Newsjacking is a form of content marketing which allows blogs and WebPages, among others, to write about breaking news stories rather than focusing on “how to guides” etc (Stetzer 2013: online).

Social media is a good foundation to find some newsjack stories. Some of the biggest news stories have been tweets on Twitter (e.g. Obama and the Bin Laden raid). Social media, therefore, needs to searched to find new stories and developments. Rumours can also be stronger or weaker by using social media, industry experts, for instance, are likely to use social media to give hints about product features.

How to search social media

Obviously not everything on social media is true, or one hundred per cent accurate, but it does allow everyone to find out reactions, opinions and rumours. Stories, of course, should not be based on rumours because the information is unreliable. Unreliable information could affect your ranking (i.e. Google’s Panda update).

Certain social medias do, however, have effective search features. Twitter Search, for example, allows users to search for keywords: This will allow you to generate stories for the latest developments. Related stories to your business model can help you create newsjacking material(s).

We all like to stay informed, as part of being human, because we are inquisitive by nature; however, we also like to read good opinions on the latest developments. We are, therefore, more likely to share links of good ‘breaking news’ stories we are interested in: Links allow us to get / earn backlinks which helps improve our Google PageRank.

Topsy: Instant social insight

Topsy allows users to search social media in real-time which helps us generate excellent content for newsjacking stories / articles. Tweets, photos and videos, to name a few of Topsy’s medias, can be searched for for more information on a breaking news story, or to find out how strong a source is for a new product release, for example.

Like Twitter, Topsy displays what is trending. Do trends contain information we, humans, like to read? Does this match our inquisitive nature?

Social media is massive. The amount of user generated content is too much to search but some services allow us to search through the mass of free opinions. It is, however, time consuming to do this. Backlinks of people taking about your newsjacks could be priceless.

Conlin (2012: online) identified that becoming popular online, among other factors, allows you to earn great backlinks. Does this show that newsjacking content allows you to become popular?


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