Google’s new laptop rumour

A post on the rumours of Google’s new laptop with Android’s operating system.

Android may launch a new laptop in 2013

Google’s Chromebook has failed to reach high volumes of buyers so Google hopes to break into the laptop market by creating a laptop that runs on Androids’ operating system (Reed 2013: online).

What is the difference between Google and Android?

Android, originally registered as Android Inc, was purchased by Google in 2005 powering a range of devices including graphic tablets and smartphones, for example. The Apache license allows Google to release the code in an open source manner (Debian no date: online). Google, on the other hand, is an internet search company that makes a profit from AdWords. Google, unlike Android, have a range of web-based products, such as, GMail, Google Docs and Google Maps, for instance.

Androidbook: The new Android laptop

Rumours have it that the new Google laptop, also rumoured to be called Androidbook, will run Android’s highly successful operating system (Bedigian 2013: online).

This news / rumour is also important to investors who wish to buy Google shares, or for those technology readers / bloggers who wish to keep up-to-date with the latest Google developments.


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