Gerald Murphy bio

My name is Gerald Murphy, I:

  • Have a First Class BSc in Information and Communications
  • Am fascinated by search and search behaviour
  • Am from Belfast, Northern Ireland
  • Work in 7thingsmedia‘s awesome agency in London (they also have offices in New York and Singapore).

If you want to know more you can read my first post: Who is Gerald?

Gerald’s career ambitions

With my love of search and information retrieval I work within SEO in a digital marketing agency and I transfer my customer focused approach to work. Happy customers become loyal, returning business by spreading the word which allows every digital marketing company to grow organically.

Why Information and Communications?

The keyword here is information. We study what makes information so important. So, from the network people need to use to connect to another computer, to the laws (e.g. copyright, and the bundle of rights) that apply to a new creation which has been created by a computer, as well as search, website design, amongst other things. In other words, if a technology has information, we study that information. Where is the info going? What is it doing? What if…?

My BSc has also allowed me to gain knowledge and understanding of a wide-range of ICTs.

Gerald Murphy’s social media

I do not have Facebook because of privacy issues, such as, what Facebook might start to do with all their user’s free data. I do have a Google+ account but I do not use it. My network of friends contact me, in the more traditional ways, via text messages, phone calls, e-mails…

A photo of Gerald Murphy

A photo of Gerald Murphy

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