5 quick tips to get better engagement on your site

Looking and interacting with web information

5 people in a usability test can identify 85% of a web site’s problems. Usability tests are worth investing time in because your web site’s usability directly affects the engagement. Here are 3 tips and tricks to increase online engagement:

  1. Test your site’s layout, categorisation and terminology regularly. Think of these components as being plants in your garden. They need to be pruned and cultivated to flourish. Any web functionality tests need to be constantly refined and refreshed.
  2. We skim webpages for cognitive cues, in fact, within 10 seconds we permanently know if a web site is useful or not. Aid skimming through your content’s headers, nicely laid out paragraphs, and by using the usability test data (above) to see if your information architecture (web arrangement of material, labels and presentation) needs to change.
  3. Offer social media icons to encourage content sharing. But think about where you place these on your site. We read in an F shape or golden triangle so placing icons on the top of left-hand side is a good idea. You can also use floating social media icons.
  4. Embrace unique content but also incorporate learning within your content to further increase engagement. If someone learns something new on your site they are more likely to recommend it to another person. Write clearly. Helping a user to learn something also makes them reflect on your site’s content and this can also drive returning visitors.
  5. Research engaging topics, such as, new applications, new technology developments or challenges of social networks, for instance.
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  • Norman, D.A. and Nielsen, J. (2010) Gestural Interfaces: A Step Backward In Usability. Interactions. September – October 2010

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