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A ‘problem’ with search

A search engine is a utility program to help X find information on Y (Machill 2003: 52). But is search engine technology this clear cut? Is it easy to find information on Y, all the time?

Search engines are not clear (most of the time)

Cookies, for example, are clearly defined but their exact use is not. Search engines use cookies; however, they do not give details on what a cookie (or several cookies) might collect. So, for X to find information on Y, X needs to be aware that cookie technology exists because they might lead to personalisation, causing X to find information on Z.

Are there any tools for cookies and their control?

Cookie Crusher, Cookie Pal and Buzof are effective anti-cookie tools (Warrington 2003: 270).

If you do not want to download a program to remove cookies, you can always try searching in private mode. This does not remove cookies, however it limits the number of new cookies going on your computer. Sometimes the old fashioned methods work best.

Do you use an anti-cookie tool? If so, what is it called?


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