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Blippex: A new search engine

This month, July 2013, a new web search engine appeared on the market: Blippex. Its algorithm ranks websites by the duration of time a searcher spends on a given website. The theory is that good websites will be visited for a longer period of time whereas poorer websites will have a higher bounce rate, whereby a user visits site-a and leaves quickly for site-b, thus a shorter viewing time.

Blippex's simple and effective interface.

Blippex’s simple and effective interface. Source

DwellRank, people and behaviour

DwellRank, similar but different from Google’s PageRank, ranks websites by a user’s viewing duration. In order to improve this ranking Blippex allows its users to download an extension which allows Blippex to monitor the amount of time spent on a given website.

“Search shouldn’t be about links…it should be about people and their interests.”

Privacy policy

Blippex’s privacy policy is similar to Duck Duck Go’s because privacy plays a central focus for all users. This is important because the downloadable extension only tracks the URL, time and duration of visit. You cannot be tracked, since IP addresses are not collected, but search terms are stored anonymously. Cookies, in addition, are not used.

Posted by Gerald Murphy


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