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March (2013) search analysis on my blog

why do people prefer bing 2013
why i like bing better than google
is bing better than google
is bing better than google 2013
search that is better than google 2013
All the phrases above lead numerous users to my Is Bing better than Google? post.

Please note, several of these queries appeared several times (i.e. several people searched with the same keywords/query).

comments on dissertation objectives
The Aim and Objectives post was a good hit for this query.
Search engines, however, do not know what type of dissertation the searcher wanted. The aim and objectives are suitable to undergraduate Bachelor’s Degree Students.
“the internet is a(n) ________ whereas the web is a(n) ________.”
The What is the Web? post was a very good match for this query because the terms “internet” and “web” appeared near each other (n).
internet search statistics for 2013 and google and bing
related search statistics
The search related statistics post was a very good match for these terms because the post focused on numeric statistics and was published in 2013. The search engine, therefore, could understand that these statistics were up-to-date etc.