Search related statistics

Number of Internet users in Great Britain

Eighty per cent, twenty one million people, of Great Britain have access to the Internet (Office for National Statistics 2013: online). 5.2m don’t saying they don’t need Internet (not useful, not interesting).

Internet penetration in Europe and the rest of the world

Internet penetration in Europe is 63.2 per cent which is almost double (34.3%) of the world average for Internet penetration (as a whole) (Internet World Stats 2013: online).

Does Google dominate search?

Google dominates the global search engine market (89.83%) on desktop and mobile/tablet devices (Net Market Share 2013: online).

Yes, Google does dominate search. Recently, 2013, SearchEngineLand (via StatCounter) announced that Google is the largest search engine in South Korea (2013: online). Google have overtook Naver, South Korea’s own search engine.


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