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Page content and text

Sometimes organisations’ do not think that content is a high priority because it is not directly related to the bottom line profits (Anon no date: online). Having said that excellent content does lead to more hits which allows more products to be sold on an e-commerce website, for example. Thus content is related to profits, let alone an excellent user experience.

SEO: The role of page content

Effective content, comprised of keywords which flow freely through sentences and heading tags, plays a large part in any SEO campaign. Term frequency is determined by page content: The more times a keyword appears on a page the more likely that page is about that keyword. For this reason page content identifies what a webpage is about which, in turn, allows a searcher to find your website by using a search engine: SEO and page content are closely related.

Excellent page content also adds to the overall user experience. Excellent page content, for instance, can help a user find out key information or answer a question they wanted an answer for. So page content is vital for SEO.

Image of 'content is king'. SEO, references, blog posts and images help with excellent content.

Image of ‘content is king’. SEO, references, blog posts and images help with excellent content.

The search engine results’ page (SERP) viewpoint

Recently the SERP has started to by-pass the typical page description tag by opting for a snippet of text from the body of the text. In other words the search engine now ‘reads’ your webpage and makes note of the important terms on that page: Knowing what words appear and where (term location) allows the search engine to build up a picture of what your page is about.

How can I have excellent page content?

Content will vary, and should vary, to suit your target audience. Adapting the language you use is very important because it allows you to become a hit for a specific group of searchers. Excellent content is written to make complete sense on its own (i.e. sentences are clear and well-constructed), as well as, being comprised of suitable and specific keywords. Excellent page content allows the target audience to find out about a topic. Good research is vital to include specific details. You should consider asking (and answering) the following questions are you write (and read) the content you have just wrote:

  • What age range is your audience? Does the language/choice of words reflect this age range?
  • What are the most relevant keywords for [your topic]?
  • Are the sentences well-constructed?
  • Are the written paragraphs clear and well-constructed?
  • What is the point of this sentence / paragraph?
  • Would it be better to include an introduction, body of text and identify conclusions? Can any of these points be referenced?
  • Have you utilised HTML tags (e.g. heading 1 – 6, strong…) to allow the search engine to ‘read’ all your text?

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