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What might a solicitor call ‘quality’ information?

Solicitor’s seem to be more corporate about defining ‘quality’ information. Whereas, librarians tend to view ‘quality’ from an editoral angle.

Solicitors, like librarians, have three different viewpoints:

Business viewpoint
Information is regulated and not commercialised
Search engine results page (SERP)
Results are relevant, accurate and subscription results do not have to pay their way to be at the top
Information viewpoint
Information itself is more specialised, more reliable and subscription results tend to be less biased

Subscription services vs free access

Unsuprisingly, members of the information society (both librarians and solicitors) value subscription services. Subscription services seem to offer ‘added value’ because their results are, generally speaking, reflective on what keywords we search for rather than the search engine thinking, or predicting what information we search for.