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Is Bing better than Google?

Bing’s Pepsi-like “Bring It On” campaign

In a blind comparison test users reported that they preferred Bing over Google (Streling 2013: online). Another study, also reported by Sterling (2013) but conducted by Butler University, found that Google was better than ChaCha (a Q&A search engine) because results were more relevant.

Statistics on Google

Globally, Google has 83.46% market share (NetMarketShare 2013: online). Statistics are one of the best ways of evaluating a system. There are, however, other ways of evaluating search engines.

Correlation viewpoint

Based on correlation, Bing is better than Google because the correlation between term frequencies and the number of hits is better (Tian 2011:472).

Interface and marketing viewpoint

Google’s interface is better because it is ‘simple’. Marketing has helped Google become a household name. In fact, Google’s name is better. Google is a verb: Google is a doing word.

To Google means to search for something using Google.com

Having said that, to Bing it does not sound weird: Bing is also a good name, but Google is better.

Choice viewpoint

Why is it that over 80% of the population use Google when there are over 40 free access search engines to chose from? Does this choice illustrate that the majority of people prefer Google Search? Does demand reflect which services are better?

Subscription services, on the other hand, can access more information than Google and Bing combined because they have access to resources within the deep web (read what is the web post for more information). We have a range of search choice, so much so, you can either pay for information, or use free access search engines.

Do you think Bing is better than Google?

What do you prefer, Google or Bing?

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Updated: 13th April 2013