Why is SEO about quality, content and design?

Search engine optimisation, SEO, makes web sites visible on the massive web. Being visible on search engines increases popularity and, depending upon the organisation, profits, awareness or sales. SEO is a fundamental service.

Why quality SEO?

At its best search is a conversation. Good web searches are comprised of several search queries. The window of opportunity is limited so excellent interfaces, quality content and a fantastic user experience is fundamental to command a searcher’s attention. SEO is all about quality because great web sites quickly gain attention.

User satisfaction, the state of a user’s emotional or intellectual head, determines how we interact with web technology. If we visit sites from search engines and we do not have an emotional connection or an intellectual thought, for instance thinking a website is a quality information source, then we will simply leave a website. SEO is all about content and designs because we need a rich experience to convert and interact with a site.

Effective information retrieval systems will match results to a user’s query. SEO may be beginning to move away from keywords, because search engines are encrypting searches which means keyword data cannot be collected, but SEO is still about keywords because keyword searching is a fundamental aspect of web searching.

Content and usability are important for SEO.

Content is king. Usability is queen. Copyright of Daniel Waisberg.

Mood and search

There are different types of search behaviour. Pogosticking, for example, indicates poor design because a user jumps repeatedly from SERP to web sites. Behaviour influences how we think and feel. Thoughts and feelings impact user actions. Annoyed searchers are unlikely to convert on websites. SEO is all about knowing your target audience and keeping them satisfied.

Search is emotionally charged. At the point of search our conscious mind will be focused on formulating keywords for a specific information need but subconsciously our brain processes web designs as either positive, neutral or negative designs. We feel emotions depending upon how our brain processes web designs. SEO is all about emotions, emotional designs and emotional search behaviours.

SEO: Why quality, content and design?

  • SEO is about quality because emotional connections and intellectual thoughts are activated to command a search engine user’s attention.
  • Quality content allows web sites to be about specific keywords. Without content web sites would be useless so SEO focuses strongly on content.
  • Each of us experiences online behaviours and emotional connections with designs. SEO is all about designs because digital marketers want to capture a user’s attention. Emotional designs are the most effective way of doing this since thoughts, feelings and actions are interlinked with emotions.
  • It is also important to capture your audience by traditional disciplines, for example, information architecture, usability testing and coding in W3C validated semantic HTML.

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