Teenager’s digital marketing campaigns

74% of adults and 93% of teenagers go online. Teenagers are more connected because of higher internet penetration, due to statutory bodies’ internet use, so digital marketing can reach a largely engaged audience.

Teenagers and digital marketing

Digital marketing uses technology to convey a message, using the web as a communication medium, to existing and potential customers. If, however, you are hoping to gain young customers then digital marketing is much more effective than traditional marketing. Mobile digital marketing, furthermore, is a basic requirement if your target group is teenagers.

When using search engines teenagers have different user behaviour than adults. Teenager’s use up-to-date slang so think about linguistics and slang terminology for your campaign.

A fun, teenager friendly campaign

Fanta launched a fun digital marketing campaign. Maximising positive emotions by using, for example the word “play”, online games and excellent use of colours, Fanta’s campaign was a great fit for a teenage market.

A word cloud on marketing terms

Marketing word cloud. Source: David Erickson.

Keep it cool and fresh

Look at how quickly the fashion industry moves and you will see that being fresh simply pays off. Young people not only like fresh and new things but they are more likely to place more interest on cool campaigns. Outstanding videos, funny content and, for instance, engaging mobile apps with a fresh look all add to the coolness of a digital marketing campaign.

Depending upon who and where your niche market is, thinking outside the box with creative ideas helps boost your coolness. Do not overdo it though. Young people have different attention spans and a busy webpage can be off putting.

Coca Cola are an effective teen marketing example. Simple adverts, a memorable product and clear communication all contribute to Coca Cola’s marketing success. Coca Cola is also a cool product and, more recently, Coca Cola kept fresh by personalising popular names on cans. Keeping a fresh and cool brand is key to marketing success.

Think social media

A Morgan Stanley report found that teenagers use a bigger variety of social media compared to adults. Using a range of social media is key to successful campaigns.

If you are going to launch campaigns as part of your teenage digital marketing campaign it is worth implementing market research for your market. What sports are popular in your area? What is your ideal target age group?

What to include in a teenage digital marketing campaign?

  • Carry out market research to know your audience;
  • Research relevant slang and focus on linguistics;
  • Use positive emotional designs;
  • Be fresh. Be cool;
  • Engage your young audience. Get a mobile app too;
  • Use clear communication;
  • Be on and use a wide range of social media;
  • Make your campaign mobile. Don’t just rely on digital.

Enhance your campaign by using the above points. A connected audience will help boost your digital trust and authority, for example, by having a lot of views or by gaining a lot of mentions and retweets.

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