Google results: Which position is better?

Is page one better than page two?

Goodwin analysed Optify’s study to find out what search engine position was clicked on the most in 2011. Lee did a similar study in 2013. Although both studies suggest that being first on Google has a significant advantage over other positions the average searcher looks at the top three results. The table below shows the click-through rate of results from position one to ten from 2011 and 2013. Other than what the click-through rates are for the top ten results there were two additional interesting findings:

  • Goodwin found that being first on page two of Google has a slight advantage over a result that was position ten on page one.
  • Lee found that page one on Google obtains 92 per cent of all traffic whereas page two views drop to 4.8 per cent.
Table showing the affect of ranking and clicks

Table showing the affect of ranking and clicks

Pay Per Click (PPC)

PPC works by buying sponsored adverts on a search engine. The keywords you buy are matched to specific user queries for a specified period of time. PPC’s contextual adverts improve user satisfaction, which is why most web search engines match adverts to specific keywords through their unique PPC package, and are the main funding source for most search engines today. PPC adverts are also likely to be seen by the searcher but not clicked on.

Heatmap showing tops results matter.

Heatmap showing tops results matter. Source.

Future of PPC

Popularity of PPC might decrease because more users will make use of ad blocking software which means they bypass the entire PPC system. Currently three million user’s have installed AdBlock Plus on their devices within the past 30 days. It seems that the entire PPC system might need to be reviewed to keep up with other technological advances.

If you have found this post interesting read the full studies by using the links below. If you would like to get involved feel free to tweet Gerald.

Posted by Gerald Murphy


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