Online reading habits and user behaviour

Online and offline media are different in format but does this affect reading behaviours or make any other differences?

Reading habits and user behaviour

Digital, unlike printed, media is more likely to be read for a greater length of time. This is important to know because organisations should consider saving money from printing expensive magazines and opt for a blog which could be read for a longer duration. This same study also identified that magazine & newspaper, entertainment and blogs were the most popular areas of personal browsers. This suggests that users search for personal information. This knowledge allows us to understand that search is a very personal experience.

Photo showing how our brains have been rewired due to technology advances.

Photo showing how our brains have been rewired due to technology advances. Source: IdRatherBeWritin

Advances in technology has also meant that we, the consumers of technology, have changed with use. Johnson’s unscientific work argues that our brains have been rewired. Online reading habits are more likely to attract more readers. Does this prove that our brains have been rewired to read more online?

Traditional vs digital media

What is the advantage of having a digital media? Online media is advantageous since it allows you to get a higher level of concentration, as well as, attracting a greater number of readers. Online user’s also have the advantage of accessing your website 24/7 for free. It is also important to know the impact of digital technology.

Combining this article’s findings with are hyperlinks good or bad post allows us to design smarter digital technologies. How can I increase my conversation rate? Part of the answer is quite simple: maintain a high concentration level, by not using too many hyperlinks, and create digital technologies with well thought out user journeys which help navigate happy, engaged users. Clever and good designs, in addition, make us happy.

Why should I create a blog?

  • Regularly updated content helps create “fresh” content
  • Blogs are easy to set up
  • You can become an excellent resource for your neich market
  • Blogs have a higher concentration span which could lead to a engaged target audience

Posted by Gerald Murphy


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