Types of Google users (Googlers)

What types of people use Google?

Specific Googler
Specific Googlers know what they are looking for. Most Specific Googlers will use Google’s advanced search features and/or use several words rather than a broad informational term.
Browser Googler
A Googler who wants to simply search for general areas of interest, for example, where was my [manufacturer] laptop made? Browser Googler’s casually want to find information on a loose subject rather than a specific topic.
Now Googler (I want it!)
The first handful of hits are examined rather than taking into account the domain name or how relevant the description meta data is, for example.
Relaxed Googler
A laid back Googler who is easily persuaded by auto-completion and auto-suggestion technologies. A relaxed Googler and a browser are related since their choice of search topics are loose.
Complete Googler
Uses Google for everything, for instance, maps, weather and Google search, of course. This type of Googler favours personalisation and most Google products.
Way Googler
This Googler will check cache webpages and will monitor the changes of specific keywords to find out if rankings increase/decrease.

Photo of a “Googler”
Source: Blogs Independent

Posted by Gerald Murphy


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