Why should I search for myself?

A slightly different post today that aims to make you, as a user of search engine technology, explore your online presence because other persons will.

Why Google yourself?

A Google search is not only quick and free to carry out but a Google search can change an opinion to pretty much any event or person. Claypoole and Payton (2012) identify that recruiters, for example, may review a CV and then Google that candidate. These results can change whether or not a person will or will not be shortlisted because recruiters are more likely to place more weight on what they find on a person’s social network. So if you Google yourself before your potential employer does then you will be able to see what they are likely to see (give or take a few results since Google personalises results to suit your needs).

“Your name here” on Google’s search box. Click image for source.

Search engine blog

This blog is about search engines. Browsing is probably the most used application on your PC next to e-mail and videos (Mediati 2013:72). Search engines, arguably, are the most popular method of browsing so it is important to be aware of your online self.

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  1. Claypoole, T. and Payton, T. (2012) Protecting Your Internet Identity: Are You Naked Online? pp. 215 — 215
  2. Mediati, N. (2013) Which Browser Is Best? PC World. 31(1) pp. 71 — 76

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