April 2013: Search analysis of Gerald Murphy’s Search

is bing better than google
bing is better than google
is bing a better choice than google
why i like bing better than google
better than google
2013 which is better bing or google
is bing better than google? 2013
The Is Bing better than Google? post was an excellent match since each of these keywords appear in the title, URL and body of text.
Although this is an URL someone has copied it into the search box and looked for mentions of that URL. In my post what are cookies? I referenced this URL so it returned a hit.
does yahoo access cookies to advertise
Yahoo! advertising and cookies was a very good match to this query because important keywords matched the title.
“the internet is a(n) ________ whereas the web is a(n) ________”
the internet is a(n) ________ whereas the web is a(n) ________.

What is the web? discussed the difference between the internet and the web.
url created by gerard murphy
Although my name was incorrectly spelt (Gerald vs Gerard) this blog’s index page was a hit. Spelling mistakes can affect ranking since there is a mismatch of keywords.
post a blog comment mobile website designer
My post on Mobile search and responsive design was a good match for this query since keywords matched “mobile”, “design”.
technorati search
Gerald Murphy’s search now on Technorati was a good match but the searcher, in this case, may have wanted to find information on Technorati’s search facilities. Search engines do not always get keyphrases in context.
google laptop
Google’s new laptop rumour was a good match for this query but the ranking would not have been very good because this was a one off article about Google’s laptop rumour on a search engine blog. It would have ranked high if this blog was about Google or laptops.
how long does it take to get bing webmaster tools show data
how long takes blog appear in bing search
How long does it take Google, Yahoo and Bing to index a website? was a good match for this query. I suspect that this was a quick query (i.e. the searcher wanted to find out numeric data then leave).
xbox 360 specifications
The newsjacking post on Microsoft’s new Xbox returned a hit for this query because the Xbox 360 was mentioned in the post. This post, furthermore, was about Microsoft’s X box so the search engine knows this post was relevant to an Xbox searcher.
does google index tumblr
what word search to put when searching for jobs
These queries do not have a specific blog post to match for. Because search engines know this blog is about search engine technologies they returned this blog since keywords are a match “google”, “search”, “searching”.
google complies with laws
Google complies with EU laws was a good match for this query since most of the keywords appear in the title and some in the URL.
This advanced search, comprised of +/and commands, was an excellent match for this blog because of the Simply put: Keyword searching post.
gerald murphy seo
This blog was an excellent match for this query. My name and the term “seo” features a lot on this blog.
quality seo uk 2013
Quality, SEO and Google was an excellent match for this query because these terms frequently appear in the text, title and URL.
html “title tag” seo
Simply put: Title tag and SEO was an excellent match for this query because almost reflect the title tag of this post. These terms also appear frequently in the body of text.

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