Some Google Glass details

The terms and conditions for developers state that Google Glass will not display advertisements. Companies will not be allowed to charge for apps.

Specification of Google Glasses*

  • Each pair of glasses will come with two extra pairs of nosepads in two sizes to allow the adjustable frames to fit on any face
  • A 5MP camera will record videos in 720p.
  • Bone Conduction Transducer audio technology will be used
  • G WiFi technology and bluetooth will allow connection to the internet (and possibly other glasses?!)
  • 12GB of memory which can be synced to Google’s cloud service
  • The battery will be similar to most mobiles in use today (one day on full charge, or less for Hangouts or video recording)
  • Charger is micro USB
  • Any bluetooth mobile will be able to connect to Google Glasses
  • MyGlass will be a companion app on Android mobiles (Ice Cream Sandwich or higher)

*(Google 2013: online)

What about other companies?*

Chinese search engine Baidu is currently working on a similar project to Google Glass. Japanese firm Telepathy Inc might be Google’s competitor

* Source: BBC (2013: online).

Posted by: Gerald Murphy
(Twitter) @GeraldMurphySEO


  1. BBC (2013) Google Glass: No advertising allowed, developers told [Online] [Accessed on 16th April 2013]
  2. Google (2013) Tech specs. [Online] [Accessed on 16th April 2013]

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