Simply put: Keyword searching

What is keyword searching?

Keyword searching can be summarised by (Rowley 2001:359):

  • The searcher is presented with a form that contains a text entry box
  • Keywords may be typed into the text entry box and the “search” button can be pressed
  • A HTTP request is triggered once the searcher presses the “search” button which copies the text box keywords into the URL of the search service’s web server
  • Once the server processes these keywords the results are displayed in place of the text entry box
  • Results are usually ranked by relevance and are presented ten at a time
  • Each record has a hyperlink which can be clicked on by the searcher
Picture of Google's search box.

Picture of Google’s search box.
Tom’s Guide.

SEO’s relationship with keyword searching

Having an understanding of how search works allows an SEO to develop an understanding of why we search for information.

Why is it useful to know about keyword searching?

(i) shows the importance of keywords in search even though keywords are not used as a SEO ranking factor, (ii) gains an understanding of how we search for information, and, (iii) explains to a client how keyword searching actually works when they type and hit the “search” button.

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  1. Rowley, J. (2001) ‘Knowledge organisation in a Web-based environment.’ Management Decision. 39(5) pp. 355 – 361.

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