How long does it take Google, Yahoo and Bing to index a website?

  • Bing — 9 minutes
  • Google — 32 minutes
  • Yahoo — 9 minutes

These figures have been taken from (Zuze and Weideman 2013:19). This suggests Google takes longer to index a website, however, this could be due to demand, such as, the high volume of people submitting their website to Google WebMaster, for example.

How can I submit my website to a search engine?

Bing powers Yahoo! so you only need to submit a site with Bing (link above) [1].

Some bloggers, Gemma Maidment, suggest that a good website will be indexed by search engines naturally; thus not requiring submission. Submitting websites via WebMaster tools, however, speeds up the indexing process.

Technology is fast, powerful…

It can be concluded that technology, today, is fast. The fact that search engines have WebMaster tools which allow user’s to submit a website suggests that technology is also easy-to-use. Social media, a group of technologies utilising real-life data, facilitates powerful technology because comments can reach a lot of people in a short space of time. Social media, unlike traditional technology, can damage a brand quickly by bad reviews or negative experiences, therefore, making social media a very powerful tool for consumers and producers alike.


  1. Yahoo. (2013) Submitting your website to Yahoo! Search. [Online] [Accessed on 27th March 2013]
  2. Zuze, H. and Weideman, M. (2013) Keyword stuffing and the big three search engines. Online Information Review. 31(1) pp. 1 — 28.

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