Simply put: What is PageRank?

Derived from Larry Pages’ name, co-founder of Google, PageRank underpins a key feature for Google web search. PageRank, in a nutshell, is an algorithm which ranks websites by relevancy and importance.

Interesting PageRank information

  • PageRank is a score out of 10 (e.g. 5/10) [1]
  • It is a trademark filed under US Patent 6,285,999. It was filed in 1998. The original assignee is Stanford University [2]
  • You can check your PageRank for free
  • A PageRank of 3 or 4 is the average given to the majority of websites [3]
  • PageRank is updated on a regular basis (see the paragraph below)

Obsession and PageRank

Although PageRank is updated twice a year; some reports claimed that it used to be updated every month [4]. Do not get obsessed with your PageRank. If you want to improve it, work on building some quality links (do this slowly because your site could be scored as spam). People usually link to your site because it has good quality content; therefore, getting a website full of excellent quality information is a priority.


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  5. Advertisements

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