Feb (2013) analysis of the searches on my blog

dissertation aim and objective
My post Aim and Objectives was very appropriate for the above query because this post had an aim and objective for an undergraduate dissertation.
“google” “image search” “2013” “censor”
My post titled a new Google image was a good hit for this interesting query. It’s interesting because quotes should not be used for single words (e.g. “google”), but it indicates that this searcher has been using advanced searches.
geraldmurphysearch wordpress
This query was a perfect hit for this blog because (i) geraldmurphysearch is in my domain name (receiving a higher ranking), (ii) each of these words (i.e. gerald murphy search) feature throughout this blog (including heading tags, titles etc). For this reason, search engines know that my blog is about these words (term frequency)
multi meta crawlers search engine names
This was a difficult search because I have not published a post about meta crawlers and search engine names. It suggests, however, that search engines know my blog is about search engine technology. This query was related to search engine technology and my blog was a relevant hit.
It common for people to enter a URL into a search engine. This search, however, still directs to pages on this blog because each of the terms in my domain (“gerald” “murphy” “search” “wordpress”) feature on other parts of this blog.
An earlier post on cookies allowed this blog to be a hit for the BBC URL. This URL was used as a reference on my blog. This highlights that search engines have read each of my posts entirely (from the title/h1 tags to the references at the bottom of each post).
is naver google in south korea statistics 2013
My post on search related statistics was a good match to this search query because I briefly highlighted that Naver, a search engine in South Korea, is no longer the largest search engine in the South Korea.
is bing better than google 2013
search engine “better than google” 2013
why google search is better than bing 2013
is bing better than google
bing is better than google censorship
bing better than google
These three queries lead users’ to the “Is Bing better than Google?” post. The term “2013” is mentioned in the body of the text, unlike the other terms which feature in the title.
The second of these three queries used quotes in their search. Quotes find an exact phrase. This exact phrase was in the title and body of “Is Bing better than Google?” post.
what is google glass?
A post on what Project Glass is was an excellent match for this query.

It is clear that search engines know what this blog is about search engine technology.


2 responses to “Feb (2013) analysis of the searches on my blog

  1. Hi Fellow Blogger!

    I came across your website while I was you-tubing and Google-ing new ways to get real back links; I am a small business owner myself and can generally get good results by using content and local keywords. You seem to have a lot of experience and if you wouldn’t mind could you try an answer this question, is article submission a thing of the past, or do the search engines still give preference to articles with links?

    Looking forward to your reply

    Brett Sinclair

    • Hi Brett Sinclair.
      Thanks for your comment and question.
      Atricle submission used to be good for SEO but these days it isn’t that good. The main reason is that one link to an article gets ‘promoted’ rather than your whole website. The closest thing to a “modern article submission” is guest blogging. All your content should be excellent, well-researched, and user focused by including heading tags with language your user will use (e.g. “what is SEO?” is better than “Background and inception of SEO”). By approaching bigger companies and asking them if you could guest blog, by using your excellent content, on their website is better because you are able to include a link to your homepage within an article.
      Hope that helps?!
      Best of luck.

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