Project Glass: what is it?

Google’s how it feels through glass video previews what Google Glasses will look like to the user. From this video, I thought it would be worthwhile noting what features will be available:

The time and date can be displayed on the top right hand corner of the screen.
Record a video
Like most commands, starting with “ok glass”, it’s easy to record a motion picture
Text someone on the move
Voice detection allows you to speak to text
Hang out with
You can connect to your G+ account, specifically hang-outs
Google can be used as a command, such as, “Google photos of Ireland”, for example.
Mini screen
Get small text boxes of definitions, receive viewable text messages, or, share photos with friends with the mini screen feature
Weather information
Such as, temperature…
Take a picture
Get directions to…
Details of flights
Flight times, departure/arrival information
Say [x] in Thai
Linked to Google Translate, you can hear words and phrases in
Photo of Google glasses and point of views

Photo of Google glasses and point of views

Project glass concerns

Google plus will be key to Project Glass because features, such as hangouts, need to have a G+ account. Looking at the broader picture, will Project Glass be safe to use when driving? Will this be a distraction?

What about WiFi blackspots? Will Project Glass work in old buildings (e.g. thick walls etc)? What about hacking? Will people be able to speak to your “ok glass” nearby?

I am not saying that Project Glass is not good, I am trying to highlight possible limitions. I want this to be successful: I would really like a pair of Google Glasses.

2 responses to “Project Glass: what is it?

  1. What if you already wear glasses? (like me) Do i wear them both? hmmm

    • Thanks for liking and commenting on my blog, littleyellowcar.
      The device is actually very small, it can fit on the top right hand side of any glasses — you can wear your own glasses.
      It’s at time’s like these whenever I think that technology is getting really interesting/exciting.

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