Another search engine…

Metacrawler, developed in 1994 by InfoSpace, allows you to search a larger section of the web because they combine several large search engines into one.

Search engine searcher

Metacrawler’s tagline is “search the search engines” because it combines Google, Yahoo! and Yandex.

Maybe a ‘good’ searcher is one who uses several search engines.

This is not an endorsement

It might be worth checking Metacrawler out, if you haven’t already heard of them. I am not saying they are better than X, but they do allow users to search a larger section of the web.

Have you used Metacrawler? Did you have a good search experience?


2 responses to “Another search engine…

  1. interesting, do you know how this affects paid keywords? I did a quick search and it seems to be loading Google’s sponsored results and not the other engines’.

    • Charlie,
      Thank you for your informative comment.
      As far as I know, WebCrawler is like any other free access search engine (X can buy there way to the top via paid keywords…).
      So paid keywords are affected.
      WebCrawler also offer to turn off recent search tracking (via Search Preferences).
      Does this help stop personalised results, albeit slight?

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