Why the searcher doesn’t always search

Have you ever surfed the Web and found information on X, without searching for X? How does this information find the searcher, rather than the searcher finding the information?

Push technology forces info

In short, push technology has changed the way we traditionally think of search engine technology. That is, push technology allows content to be delivered to a passive recipient (Dubas 2002:223). Push technology, otherwise known as Webcasting, allows information to find the searcher.

Push technology, however, can be an effective technology because important info can be easily seen, if not pushed to the user. Software updates, for example, can be pushed to the users’ screen to make sure they are up-to-date.

Push technology destroys search

Although the example above (regarding software updates) illustrates the effectivness of push technology, its use in search destroys search. The whole purpose of search is to allow the searcher to find the info they require — not allowing the search engine to force info on the searcher.

Push technology, in this context, destroys search because it does not allow the searcher to find info.


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