January (2013) analysis of the searches on my blog

seo dissertation manchester
This search was a hit for my blog because each of these terms are mentioned several times in semantic tags. For example, dissertation and manchester have been in several header tags (h1 and h2), as well as, title and strong tags. Combined with a previous post on search engine optimisation (SEO) these three terms were a perfect hit for this blog.
gerald murphy info comms
My About Gerald and Who is Gerald? What is search? (post and page, respectively) allowed search engines to match these to the search of “gerald murphy info comms”
the internet is a(n) ________ whereas the web is a(n) ________.
My post What is the Web? was a good hit for this query because the terms “internet” and “web” are in the title, as well as, appearing several times within the body of the text (term frequency and term location).
This query is also interesting because it suggests that the searcher was trying to use advanced features for a search engine (e.g. Google). (n) commands a search engine to find two terms near (n) each other.

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